Quzman's eight year old granddaughter, daughter of Gabirol and Yamin and sister of Bajja. Yunus is a strong girl, able to travel on her own, although she is the "victim" of his father's overprotectiveness. She's found in the Ice Cliffs of Gomeisa, where she got lost in a storm and her father Gabirol is desperately looking for her. In order to gain her signature, you must talk to Gabirol, then find her in Gomeisa. Understandably, her signature is a prerequisite to Gabirol's signature.

Curiously, Yunus says that it's no problem travelling to Sadal Suud, as she had gone there with her parents a couple of times. This is contradictory, because supposedly Wazn hadn't had contact with the other continents for 200 years. How she and her parents get to Quzman's house is also a mystery.

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