BatenKaitos-Wings of the heart

An example of Wings of the Heart from Baten Kaitos Origins


Those who live on the floating islands have learned to project wings from their backs. Because the wings are projections of the soul, their appearance varies from person to person. Thoran briefly mentions that Wiseman was the one who taught humans how to project their Wings of the Heart, a thousand years before the games take place, linking them to the same timeless power as Magnus.

The beauty, size, and strength of one's wings depends on the strength of the person's heart, character, and morals. Having weak, small, or even non-existant wings is supposedly a sign of a cruel or cursed person. The picture to the right displays an example of someone with an exceptionally strong heart and has a kind and caring persona.

Wings seem to be at once both physical and spiritual entities, since they are strong enough in some cases to allow flight and can be gripped, yet do not tear clothing when they are brought in or out and are generally treated as part of the soul as opposed to the physical anatomy.
Ripped out wings

Two Empire grunts attempting to rip out Gena's Wings

It is shown that the wings can be forcefully torn out of the body, an excruciatingly painful and inhumane process that leaves the victim bedridden and too weak to walk. It is implied that death will follow, if the rare plant Heartenbrace is not consumed. 

In Cujam, a number of people were shown to be out of their minds with the power of their own hearts, and refused to touch the ground, only using their wings to get from one place to another. However, by the time of Eternal Wings, wings are very seldom used, except for a few instances, as by this point in history, their use seems to be looked down upon in favor of imperial machina. Wings are always displayed in battle and are occasionally used for aerial attacks, but the majority of the time seem to be simply for balance.

It shoud also be noted that the Children of the Earth have never been seen to have used their wings, as they seem to prefer floating as a way of improving their magic.