White Dragon

The White Dragon is a creature native of Wazn. The last remaining dragon in the world, it lives in Kaffaljidhma castle.

Role in BKO
White Dragon-BKO

White Dragon as it appears during the Age of the Gods in BKO.


It makes a minor appearance in Matar Highlands in the Age of the Gods, saving Sagi and his friends from an attack of Hearteaters. This shows that the White Dragon is either immortal, or it has a very long lifespan.

Role in BKEW
Imperial Fotress-Escape-witches-white dragon

The White Dragon appears first when the witches of Wazn save Xelha from the Imperial Fortress.

After that, the dragon serves as the main mean of transport in the game, replacing the Mindeer.

White Dragon 3D concept

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