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Verus-Wiseman is the secret final boss in Baten Kaitos Origins. He is an amalgamation of Verus and Wiseman.

After revealing himself from within Verus' heart, Wiseman procedes to absorb the body and heart of the dead quaster alongside the energy powering Tarazed.The resulting form is that of a towering dragon-like bird with characterics of both Verus and Wiseman such as Verus' trademark ponytail (though now greatly pale and greyed in color), as well as his royal purple coat and gold shoulder plates. However, as a result of Wiseman being in control, the most notable qualities are Wiseman's familiar silver armored hood that is eerily empty inside and the many grey and tattered wings as well as Verus' hands becoming more fluid and feathery to resemble Wiseman's arms in his original energy form. In this form, Wiseman is arguably the largest character in the series except perhaps Malpercio

In battle, Verus-Wiseman is a force to be reckoned with and his powers near limitless, displaying the abilities to warp and bend reality to create a dimension full of magnus to pull Sagi, Milly and Guillo into.  As a result of absorbing so much magnus over the hundreds of years he wandered, his powers were magnified to such an extent as to rival Malpercio's, showing a wide variety of magical spells that debilitated the hearts of anyone facing him. His attacks mainly consisted of focusing blasts of pure magnus through his right arm that would noticeably bulge and expand due to the sheer amount of power being forced down it. He could dispell any helpful abilities that his enemies might use against him and could inflict every form of harmful status effect found in the game. Verus-Wiseman could also summon one of the most powerful spells in existence as well called Magnus of Life that would drain the magnus of all beings and destroy them utterly. Despite his immense powers, he is defeated in the end when he underestimates the power of Malpercio and is destroyed for good in an enormous explosion that rips his body apart and ends his influence on the world forever.

Verus-Wiseman (Origins)
Origins Boss
Field Guide #101
Type Unclassified Life Form
Habitat Tarazed's Core
Drops Doesn't drop any items.
Experience 20000
TP 490
In Battle
HP B: 13140
Speed B
Offense S
Skill Magnus of Life
A multi-target light-based special attack. Drains HP and randomly causes all status ailments.
Cast Away Your Carnal Robes
A special ability that completely unequips all targets. Renders all defenses null with its supernatural power.
Elemental Defense
Physical B Fire C Ice C
Lightning C Light C Darkness B
Status Resistance
Sleep 0%
Poison 0%

Boss BattleEdit

Field Guide DescriptionEdit

The result of Wiseman absorbing Verus's negative emotions and claiming his body. While vestiges of Verus remain, his soul is lost. The forbidden art Magnus of Life traps living things within Magnus. "Cede the power of your hearts to me."
Uses: Light, HP Drain, All Status Ailments, Unequip
Weak: None


  • The long green feathers starting on Verus-Wiseman's back and trailing down his body are highly reminiscent of the long yellow feathers on Sagi's wings, possibly meant to show a similarity between Sagi and his father.