Name Vallye
Gender Female
Battlestyle/Job Class Imperial Operative
Hometown Alfard
Age 29
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Red
Voice Actor English-Unknown
Weapon/Element Machina Firearm

An NPC in the Baten Kaitos series who first appears in Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean and then in its prequel Baten Kaitos Origins


As a ChildEdit

In Baten Kaitos Origins, Vallye appears at age nine and seems to be much more like Lyude than Skeed as this age, questioning the Empire and blatantly disliking her textbooks ("Blah blah blah. .. they all say the same thing!"). She is the only daughter of Lyuvann. Her name is pronounced similarly to the word "Valley" in oral dialogue.


Vallye at Age 29 is Lyude's older sister, also an officer in Alfard's army. The strength of her relationship with her older brother Skeed is unknown, but it can be gathered that like Skeed, there is not much of a bond between her and Lyude. Skeed and Vallye blame Lyude for their families weakness and are very cold to him. Years after this events, Lyude confronts both Vallye and Skeed as he is attempting to stop Geldoblame's plans to unleash the five End Magnus and resurrect Malpercio.

Vallye and Skeed attempt to bargain with Lyude and hand over his friends; Kalas, Xelha, Gibari, Savyna, and Mizuti, to atone for his previous actions. Lyude refuses and as his siblings prepare to shoot him, Almarde, Lyude's foster nurse and biological mother, defends him only to be brutally shot by Skeed. Vallye and her brother flee soon afterwards as Almarde dies, much to Lyude's horror.

Both Vallye and Skeed are brutally murdered themselves during Malpercio's attack on their nation and their souls are later corrupted by a demon of darkness who soon controls them to prey upon Lyude's insecurities and feed upon his sadness to bring him down. Lyude is able to fight back however, kills the demon, and frees his siblings from its vile power. Before going on, Vallye and Skeed thank Lyude for freeing them, finally realizing that they were the ones who were wrong all these years as they were following the orders of a mad and tyrannical leader who ended up resurrecting the very demon that slaughetred them and much of their nation, while Lyude stood up for his people against the same madman.

Physical CharacteristicsEdit

Like all in her bloodline she has red hair though a decidedly darker shade than her father Lyuvann or half brother Lyude. She is stunningly beautiful and more regal than most of the citizens of Alfard.


She is never seen in battle but as a high ranking officer of the empire her combat skills should be considerable. As a child she is curious and light hearted but as an adult she is icy and cold.