Umbra (Origins)
Origins Boss
Field Guide #019
Type Malpercian Creature
Habitat Lava Caves
Drops Sword of Thirst
Experience 1250
TP 130
Gold 400
In Battle
HP D: 2350
Speed C
Offense D
Skill Mountainmaker
Scatters great slabs of rock by raising its fist and slamming it into the ground. (Multi-target knockdown attack)
Hellion Eyes
Kowtows so the face on the back of its head can sight the enemy and rain fire upon them. (Incendiary attack)
Elemental Defense
Physical E Fire D Ice E
Lightning E Light E Darkness C
Status Resistance
Sleep 0%
Poison 0%

Umbra is a boss fought in Baten Kaitos Origins. It is the consumed form of Bein, a Maledieter.

Basic InformationEdit

The form taken by Azha's Bein amidst a black mist. Secretly acted as the terrorist Mourning Mistral out of anger at the Empire's treatment of the Azhani. Trapped in the bowels of the Lava Caves, he turned his rage on Sagi in a desperate attack.
Uses: Fire, Flames, Knockdown
Weak: Ice


Another Afterling. Fortunately, its HP is too diminutive for his Mountain Maker attack to be all that devastating, since chances are, you’ll kill him before he can ever use it. Use any ice-based finishers you have, like Icebloom and Diamond Drop. Even Icefan works too. Keep pounding, avoiding the use of fire based finishers completely, and this boss will kneel before you.