Trill illustration

"You want me to kick your butt?"


A childhood friend of Kalas who now resides in Parnasse where she is apprentice to Tisocco. Her parents own a restaurant in Balancoire, however when she is first introduced in the game Kalas seems shocked that she's attempting to be a pastry cook, implying she hasn't inherited her parents' cooking skills. During the quest, she offers a hint as to the location of the next End Magnus. Though she offers to let Kalas and company try some of her cookies, further interactions end with her claiming to be too busy.

She and Kalas apparently aren't, and have never been, in a romantic relationship (as attested by Trill's mother if questioned while Xelha is leading the party), but her parents seem to hope that the two will someday marry. Neither Trill nor Kalas comment on this view, however.

If the player attempts to use the Machina Oil Quest Magnus on the oven, she will threaten to kick Kalas's butt.

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