The Wicked Gawd [sic] is a fight which is available in the coliseum near the end of the game. The fight is against three enemies: Arma Prototype M (Special Attacks: XBluster and Sinister Chop), and two High-Mobility Cannons (Special Attack: Fusillade). Arma Prototype M is the best enemy in the game, in terms of offense, defense, speed, and health, while the two High-Mobility Cannons are comparatively weaker.

Usually, the best strategy is to eliminate the two High-Mobility Cannons first so the player can focus on attacking Arma Prototype M without distraction.

If a player finds the battle difficult, they are able to soften the difficulty in several ways. The player may carry quest magnus such as Mountain Apples to raise their health (or they can carry Rotten Food quest magnus to lower their health if they want a stronger challenge). Also, Arma Prototype M's biggest weakness is the fact that it is vulnerable to items, unlike bosses. The card Bomb is able to knockout Arma Prototype M instantly, which is why Bomb Decks are created against this coliseum fight.

Of all colliseum battles, The Wicked Gawd is the hardest, but it offers the greatest reward in points of all the coliseum fights.

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