Name Skeed
Gender Male
Battlestyle/Job Class Imperial Operative
Hometown Alfard
Age 31
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Red
Voice Actor English-Unknown
Weapon/Element Machina Firearm

In Baten Kaitos Origins, Skeed appears at age 11. He is seen studying with his mother Camilla and his sister Vallye, and insults the player multiple times, often belittling your apparent amount of free time and "lower intelligence" compared to those of the Empire. He is also the first son of Lyuvann.

In Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean, Skeed is Lyude's elder brother, and an officer in Alfard's army. He and Lyude are not close due to Lyude protesting over Emperor Geldoblame's orders to massacre Azha village and bringing dishonor to his family. Years after this event, Lyude confronts both Skeed and Vallye as he is attempting to stop Geldoblame's plans to unleash the five End Magnus and resurrect Malpercio.

Skeed attempts to bargain with Lyude and hand over his friends; Kalas, Xelha, Gibari, Savyna, and Mizuti, to atone for his previous actions. Lyude refuses and as his siblings prepare to shoot him, Almarde, Lyude's foster nurse and biological mother, defends him only to be brutally shot by Skeed. Skeed and his sister flee soon afterwards as Almarde dies, much to Lyude's horror.

Both Skeed and Vallye are brutally murdered themselves during Malpercio's attack on their nation and their souls are later corrupted by a demon of darkness who soon controls them to prey upon Lyude's insecurities and feed upon his sadness to bring him down. Lyude is able to fight back however, kills the demon, and frees his siblings from its vile power. Before going on, Skeed and Vallye thank Lyude for freeing them, finally realizing that they were the ones who were wrong all these years.