Komo Mai upper School of Magic

The entrance to the right wing of the campus.

The School of Magic is the most famous school in the world. Located in [[Komo Mai|Komo
Komo Mai - School of Magic Right

The right wing featuring the Flight of Time

Mai]], capital of Anuenue, the School of Magic is the destination of students from all around the world. Despite the name, many subjects are teached here, like chemistry, history, etc. Two trademarks of the School of Magic are "The Bell Which Tolls Time", a big bell located in the left wing; and the "Flight of Time", a big clock which hands move very fast, located in the right wing.

Role in BKOEdit

After thier unsuccessful visit to Queen Corellia, Sagi is ordered by Verus to go back to Alfard, but Milly wants to go to the School of Magic first, as she had studied there before. After a brief visit to the school, the party goes back to the Holoholo Jungle, hoping that the repairs in the Sfida are ready.

When the party needs to cross the Holoholo Jungle for getting to Opu, they ask the School's headmaster for a Landmark Stone, an item that prevents getting lost in the jungle. However, she asks for credits in magic, chemistry and classics subjects before giving away the stone. After getting the three credits, the headmaster gives to Sagi the Landmark Stone.

Komo Mai - School of Magic Classroom

Kalas standing before the Headmaster in a classroom

It is also stated in various parts of the game that Milly wasn't a very good student in the School of Magic, falling asleep in boring classes, specially in the Extinct Magical Creatures class.

Also, the School of Magic's ellection sidequest happens here.

Role in BKEWEdit

Just as in Baten Kaitos Origins, the party visits the School of Magicfor asking the headmaster for a Landmark Stone. However, she hands them the stone right away.

Later in the game, you may visit the School of Magic for getting into the Illussory Fortress of the Book.

Tulun, a member of Quzman's family can be found in the School of Magic.

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