Sacred Atrifacts screencap

Breif DescriptionEdit

Three weapons forged by the ancient wizards using the power of Guardian Spirits to do battle with the God Malpercio. The weapons combined with the power of the Godcraft is what leads to Malpercio's demise.


Ocean Mirror

Earth Sphere

Sword of the Heavens

  • A mightly sword powerful and true, was used by the ancient Wizards to smite the evil God Malpercio. It is one of three Sacred Artifacts.

Trivia: The Sacred Artifacts are based on objects that are sacred in Shintoism; A Bead, a Sword and a Mirror. A Shinto legend claims that Amaterasu the sun goddess was so terrified of her brother Susanou-Ou the god of storms that she holed herself and a cave, causing japan to be covered in darkness and cold. The other gods decorated a nearby tree with a bead, a sword and a mirror, and Amaterasu was lured out by her reflection.

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