This is the only way to realize and fulfill one's true potential. Pray within these hallowed halls. Remember that the power of realization can only be attained through prayer. Visit this church whenever possible, to learn of your true powers and abilities.


Prayer, in the World of Baten Kaitos, is an act of meditation and discipline undertaken in the Church / Endmost Bethel with the help of the Priest. Praying is usually done with the goal of self-improvement and growth, and can also release strength and abilities from objects that contain powerful Magic, such as those within Class Up Magnus. Although the Priest mentions a "greater power", it is never specified if Prayer is directed towards a God.

An example of a famous Prayer is the Ocean's Prayer, which was used by the Ice Queen and one of the Ancient Wizards to the seal the Ocean after the War of The Gods.

Praying is used by the player to raise characters' Class and Level when talking with the Priest in Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean.

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