Palolo II

Master of mischief Edit

Palolo II is known as the ever cool self styled "Master of mischief". He is a very skilled young man, who also happens to be a friend of Ladekahn and Gibari from Diadem. Even though he thinks the latter is a musclebound fool. While it is never revealed the source of his powers he appears to be a magician of high order able to appear and disappear in a whirlwind of dust. His skill aids Milly, Guillo and Sagi throughout their adventure. He often appears when he is most needed. He appears to be second to almost none his age in skill and power. At one point he uses martial arts to subdue empire guards while at another he blocks a full frontal attack by a Machina Arma.

At the end of the adventure he bids Sagi and Milly goodbye and wishes them the best.

Palolo ii-portrait

Heir ApparentEdit

In the time of Baten Kaitos Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean he appears to have died/disappeared but is the father of Palolo III and possibly Pilulu. In Origins he did admit to have fondness for Pherkhad, so it is likely that is where he decided to settle down within those 20 years.