The Ocean's Prayer is a prayer recited several times throughout the course of Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean. Xelha claims that it is the prayer of her homeland, but it is evident that there are other characters who know it as well. It is shown to be a multi-purpose prayer; a general one of hope and asking for courage, as well as one that is spoken over the dead.

In EnglishEdit

Cast light upon the darkened earth,
save those lost in despair.
O Mighty Ocean, guide us as we journey through
the darkest pit of night.
May time, ever fleeting, forgive us;
we, who have forsaken our song
and buried our future.
Fare the well my children
rest in my heart, forever
O Mighty Ocean, guide us and forgive us.

In GermanEdit

Bring Licht in diese düst're Nacht,

Befreie uns aus Zweifel und Not.

Oh großer Ozean, zeig uns den Weg,

Durch Finsternis, Gefahr und Tod.

In JapaneseEdit


hikari naki chi ni hikari wo, sukui naki mono ni sukui wo
hitori yoru no soko wo iku warera wo, umi yo, izanai tamae
uta wo sutete, ashita wo houmuru warera wo, toki yo, itsuka yurushi tamae
sareba, kora yo
iza ikoe
toko shina ni, wa ga mune ni

In French Edit

Apporte la lumière sur cette terre ténébreuse,
Sauve les âmes en peine,
Ô grand océan, guide nous lors de notre voyage au cœur des ténèbres de la nuit !
Que le temps, toujours fugace, puisse nous pardonner,
Nous qui avons renoncé à notre chant et enfoui notre avenir,
Adieu mes enfants, reposez dans mon cœur pour toujours.

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