The Nusakan Thornwood is a tangle of thorns located in Hassaleh, between Hassaleh´s port and Sheratan. Yesterbeans, which are considered very valuable by the kids in Sheratan,
Nusakan Thornwoods
occasionally grow in this place. Shawras and Balloonas are common sights in the woods.

History of the placeEdit

In the Age of the Gods, before the rising of the continents to the sky, Hassaleh (and therefore the Nusakan Thornwood too) was part of the Battlefields of Atria, where the fight against Malpercio took place. After the
Nusakan Thornwood
Children of the Earth used Guillo for defeating Malpercio, it was left behind, buried in a sea of corpses. Unknown to the Children of the Earth, Hassaleh, and the Battlefields of Atria in it, rose into the Sky. With time, that place became the Nusakan Thornwood, and Guillo, now an inanimated puppet, stayed in that same place for a thousand years, until a young Sagi found him.


-The first time the party visits the woods, Guillo states that he dislikes the place.

-Yesterbeans can be grown in the woods by adding Fresh Air to a special plant, but if you add Foul Air, a Yesterbean Variant grows instead.

It is here that after a Shawra attacks the party that Milly joins her deck with Sagi's and Guillo's, officially becoming part of the team.

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