Nunki Valley-Sadal Suud-view

A view of Sadal Suud from Nunki Valley

The History of Nunki Valley

Before the Promachination

Sagi and company needed to get through Nunki Valley to reach Heughes. To get through, they needed to use Holy Droplets to move the natural defenders of the forest. Holy Droplets revert to Pristine Water in a very short timespan. Nunki Valley is also the location of a promotion quest for the Coliseum.

During the Progmachination
Nunki Valley burning Heughes

After Heughes arrived on Sadal Suud to promachinate the island, he burned Nunki Valley to the ground when Rodolfo refused to cooperate. Almost everything was turned to ash, and very little survived. The second fight against Heughes, the fight against a feral Malpercio's Afterling, and the final battle with Heughes occur in Nunki Valley.

During Xelha's Capture[[Kalas|
Nunki valley

screencap of nunki valley


Kalas needed to get through Nunki Valley to reach Giacomo and Xelha. The entrance was blocked by a rockslide, however. Larikush, the doctor of Cebalrai, gave Kalas explosives to destroy the boulders. Later, Kalas returns to fight the Nunkirantula over a spider web for Palolo III.

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