The Nekkar Quietlands is a small island in the Sky between Anuenue and Alfard that is uninhabited by humans.


It's believed that prior to the continents ascending into the sky, Nekkar was the town of Rasalas. It is mentioned by a villager in Rasalas that the town is the only place that firemoss can be found; firemoss can also be obtained on Nekkar.

In addition, in the past when Sagi and company visit a home in Rasalas after Wiseman's Pro-magnation, he is asked by a mother and father grieving over the belief that their child will never grow up to help name the newborn. If Sagi chooses to help name the baby, when the party returns to the present and finish the events in Nekkar, the ghost family will thank him and will call the child by the name he helped choose.

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