Above deck in Naos

Naos is a location in the Age of the Gods. It is a small village in the northwestern area of the continent of the earth, with its main feature and living area being a formally abandoned and beached ship where the five siblings who fought against Wiseman grew up upon and lived in. Naos and the surrounding area are almost drenched with chilling rain forcing many to seek shelter within the old ship and similar inclosures. Another notable feature of the area was a large hill overlooking Naos which was called Malpercio and from which the name for the five siblings drew inspiration to name their group after due to their childhood memories of playing on it.


Naos Milly
Naos is the home of the five siblings that later become the entity Malpercio. In Marno's flashbacks, it is shown that after seeing the massacre that Wiseman did in Rasalas, the sibling go back to Naos, where they decide to go to Cujam and stop Wiseman, but they were no match against him. When they get back to Naos again, they find that Wiseman had found and stricken their home, turning everyone to Magnus and killing those who refused. He even killed Quis, Seph's fianceé. It is because of this that Seph is consumed by vengeance and decides to form the pact with the Dark Brethren despite the costs in order to strike down Wiseman.


Naos Seph





Naos Ven


Magnus Picture Price Magnus Picture Price Magnus Picture Price
Black Beans Black Beans (Origins) 200 Medium Attack Medium Attack (Origins) 200 Strong Attack Strong Attack (Origins) 200
Weak Attack Weak Attack (Origins) 200 Fire Element Fire Element (Origins) 300 Ice Element Ice Element (Origins) 300
Lightning Club Lightning Club (Origins) 300 Sorcery Sophia Sorcery Sophia (Origins) 300 Thunder Element Thunder Element (Origins) 300
Herb Herb (Origins) 400 Crystal Edge Crystal Edge (Origins) 500 Flametongue Flametongue (Origins) 500
Skull Mask Skull Mask (Origins) 800 Robe of Firelight Robe of Firelight (Origins) 1000 Breath Jacket Breath Jacket (Origins) 1100

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