Moonguile Forest entrance
Moonguile Forest is a woodland area found near the farming village of Cebalrai in Sadal Suud.

As articulated by Xelha, the forest was originally known as "Moonglade," until, for unknown reasons, the people in the surrounding area began to call it "Moonguile," and the new name stuck.

Role in BKOEdit

Moonguile Forest 2
In BKO it is inexplorable for the most part.

You can get about half as far in to the forest as Sagi as you could as Kalas, and other than a lack of monsters, nothing seems to have changed.

However, if you use the heart link to change to a greythorne, you can get the whole way through the forest. If you approach the spring in the center as a greythorne, the Lord of the Spring from Eternal Wings will speak to you, and you'll be able to trap the magna essence of his voice. The connection between the Spring Lord and greythornes is otherwise unknown.

Role in BKEWEdit

Moonguile Forest 3 middle
It is the meeting place of our heroes Kalas and Xelha, where they officially form a party after he saves her from the Sabre Dragon which killed her guardians Gram and Leon. It is also the place they face the first of the Guardians. Incidentally it is also the place where we first hear the Ocean's Prayer and contains the first boss of the game.

This is also where we first meet Giacomo and he captures Xelha. Unknown to Kalas, Xelha also learns in this very forest that he was plotting revenge all along although she never did see the face of his accomplice Melodia

Moonguile Forest 4
At the very end of Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean Xelha and Kalas reunite at this same forest where their adventure began. Here Kalas learns that Xelha must die to release the Ocean back to the world. They also face the vengeful and ghostly incarnation of Geldoblame for the last time before their adventure ends.
Moonguile Forest 5 back

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