Mange-Roches (Origins)
Origins Boss
Field Guide #134
Type Monster
Habitat Nekkar Quietlands
Drops Open Your Eyes
Experience 9000
TP 370
Gold 2000
In Battle
HP C: 10050
Speed B
Offense B
Skill Wingflail
A knockdown special attack. Stirs up a gale with its giant wings, then forms a cyclone to attack foes.
A physical-based special attack. Flies above foes then drops down, crushing them with force enough to shatter boulders.
Elemental Defense
Physical C Fire D Ice D
Lightning D Light C Darkness C
Status Resistance
Sleep 89%
Poison 0%

Mange-Roches is an enemy fought in Baten Kaitos Origins.

Field Guide DescriptionEdit

A monstrous bird of the Nekkar Quietlands. Its massive wings can set even boulders to flight, while its beak is hard enough to shatter anything. Vulnerable to lightning, it hides in its nest in stormy weather. Probably male, but who can tell?
Uses: Physical, Knockdown
Weak: Lightning