Machinanguis A
Machinanguis A (Origins)
Origins Boss
Field Guide #098
Type Machina
Habitat Tarazed's Core
Drops Doesn't drop any items.
Experience 2000
TP 470
In Battle
HP E: 2910
Speed C
Offense A
Skill Berserk Tech
A knockdown special attack. Flails about like a giant serpent, knocking foes to the ground.
Elemental Defense
Physical D Fire D Ice D
Lightning D Light D Darkness D
Status Resistance
Sleep 0%
Posion 0%

Machinanguis A is an enemy fought in Baten Kaitos Origins.

Field Guide DescriptionEdit

An independent battle machina.
Placed on sentry duty within Tarazed's Core. Though programmed to accept manual piloting, their movement is too swift and sudden to allow a human pilot to stand, let alone do battle with it.
Uses: Fire, Lightning
Weak: None

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