Baten Kaitos Origins - Original Soundtrack - 101 Le ali del principio

Baten Kaitos Origins - Original Soundtrack - 101 Le ali del principio

Le Ali Del Principo( Italian: The Wings of Beginning) is the first track on Disc One of the Baten Kaitos Origins Original Soundtrack.

It is used as the main musical theme of Baten Kaitos Origins as well as in the Final Battle against Wiseman and was composed by Motoi Sakuraba. The Lyrics were written by his wife; which where then translated into Italian. The lyrics themselves would go on to be sung by his then 9-year old Daughter. As such this is regarded by Sakuraba himself as one of his most personal works.

Italian Lyrics

Con le mani colme di fiori raccolti

li lascio su questo lago

la luce, nel buio, si specchia nell'acqua

e le lune, ecco, son due.

Se offro tanti fiori rosa

alla luna che brilla

inizierà il viaggio.

Sale il vento e il nostro canto,

la luce della luna mi guida, sicura,

verso il prossimo mondo.

Ma anche se cancellerà

tutto di bianco

non ho paura

perché qui sono.

English Lyrics

With flowers in outstreched hands

I leave petals on this lake

The light, in the darkness, is reflected in the water

and the moons, here, are two

If I offer many pink flowers

to the shining moon,

the journey will start.

Raises the wind and our singing,

the moonlight guides me, safely,

towards the next world.

Even if everything will turn

to white

I'm not afraid,

because I'm here.

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