Hiroya Hatsushiba is video game designer and sound engineer, known for being one of two co-creators of the Baten Kaitos series along with Monolith Soft's Yasuyuki Honne.

Hatsushiba origanally worked as a programmer and sound director for Namco Tales Studio (then known as Wolfteam). In 1995 Hatsushiba left Wolfteam to join the newly formed tri-Ace. In 1999, he left tri-Ace and formed Tri-Crescendo. At Tri-Crescendo, Hatsushiba acted as co-designer for the Baten Kaitos series as well as lead battle system designer for both games. He has since performed similar duties on Eternal Sonata for the XBox 360 and PS3. Hatsushiba is known for working with Baten Kaitos composer Motoi Sakuraba as his sound programmer.

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