Hercules Dragon
Hercules Dragon (Origins)
Origins Enemy
Field Guide #091
Type Monster / Machina
Habitat Tarazed
Drops Apocalypse Sword
Experience 3000
TP 225
Gold 1500
In Battle
HP D: 6090
Speed B
Offense A
Skill Hercules Laser
A knockdown special attack. A single laser beam shot like a howl pierces the enemy.
Storing Energy
A special ability which restores MP. Stores away energy needed to fire the laser.
A special ability which recovers life. Utilizes the innate healing ability of dragons to restore itself.
A special ability which raises defense power. Erects an invisible wall around the body to protect it from enemies.
Elemental Defense
Physical C Fire C Ice C
Lightning C Light C Darkness C
Status Resistance
Sleep 0%
Posion 0%

Hercules Dragon is an enemy fought in Baten Kaitos Origins.

Field Guide DescriptionEdit

An ancient dragon revived through Promachination. A machina cannon amplifier within its throat transforms its cries into a powerful laser. Sustained by a liquid diet of machina oil supplied by feeding tube. Another victim of Promachination.
Uses: Physical, Unconscious
Weak: Dragon Buster

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