Hearteater (Origins)
Origins Boss
Field Guide #129
Type Monster
Habitat Matar Highlands
Drops Blast Tooth
Experience 9500
TP 360
Gold 2000
In Battle
HP C: 9120
Speed B
Offense B
Skill Ovulate
A special attack which paralyzes foes and lays eggs within them. Upon hatching, the larvae kill the host. Causes sleep.
Elemental Defense
Physical C Fire D Ice D
Lightning D Light D Darkness D
Status Resistance
Sleep 0%
Poison 0%

Hearteater is a boss fought in Baten Kaitos Origins. It's part of a giant worm-like species that inhabit the Matar Highlands during the Age of the Gods. While powerful and overwhelming to humans, the worms do not appear to pose any threat to the White Dragon which was easily able to destroy a group that surrounded Sagi and company with its breath.

Field Guide DescriptionEdit

A giant caterpillar native to the Matar Highlands. Primarily feeds upon the gregarious heartenbrace. It is said to lay its eggs inside other creatures, the larvae eating their way through body and soul. Where there's one, there are thirty!
Uses: Physical, Sleep
Weak: None