Brief SynopsisEdit

The Godcraft were hollow puppets created by the Magi and were roughly the size of a normal man run by the magic that has infused them granting them great strength and intelligence. Only four of these are known to have been made around the time of the Gods.
Felled Malpercio

The final blow to Marno at the hands of a Godcraft as portrayed in Sagi's flashbacks

They were created and used to put an end to Malpercio as his existence was sensed by the Children of the Earth and upon seeing the massacre that had been wrought; unleashed them upon Malpercio and put an end to them. During the battle Syrma and Dubhe were destroyed and Guillo buried but was presumed to have been destroyed as well. Seginus was never used because it couldn't properly fuse to the Sorcerer's power and remained where it was created.

Additional infoEdit

Unlike paramachina which are run by technology, a godcraft is capable of independent thought and even human emotions. All four were infused with great amounts of magic by their respective controllers and as such had power befitting their name for they could kill creatures of god caliber with a single and deadly precise strike of powerful magic. While Seginus was unusable and Syrma and Dubhe were each infused by one sorcerer, Guillo was infused with two different sets of energy, one from a sorceress and the other from a sorcerer, known as the Magi. This is why Guillo is so unique and speaks with two voices in unison.

List Of GodcraftEdit






- As most of the names in the Baten Kaitos Series, the names of the Godcrafts are also based on real star names (except Guillo).

- Seginus is the traditional name for the star Gamma Boötis, in the constellation of Boötes. Its meaning is unclear.

- Syrma is the traditional name for the star Iota Virginis, in the constellation of Virgo. Syrma means "train" (of a garment or dress, the part of the dress that trails on the ground behind the wearer) in arabic.

- Dubhe is the traditional name for the star Alpha Ursae Majoris, in the constellation of Ursa Major. Dubhe means "bear" in arabic.

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