Glubberfish Filet
Glubberfish Filet (Origins)
Origins Magnus
Category Quest
Contains Meat
Gathering # 474
Element Physical - Physical
Found Examine (Nashira after the soldiers leave and School of Magic right side)
Sale Price Can't Sell
Ages From None
Ages Into Rotten Food (1 hour)
Effect Sagi's Max HP +5%
Blocks Pac-Man No
Quest Use Real electioneers cheat! and Home sweet home
Mix Use None
Upgrade Use None

Glubberfish Filet is a Magnus in Baten Kaitos Origins.


The pride of Nashira, and their second-biggest catch after sea bream. It fetches a higher price because it's harder to come by. One of Sagi's favorites. "Aww, Milly, the guts are the best part."

Origins Magnus
#473 Pow Milk Cheese #474 Glubberfish Filet #475 Rotten Food
Pow Milk Cheese (Origins)
Glubberfish Filet (Origins)
Rotten Food (Origins)

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