Fruit Fit for an Emperor
Fruit Fit for an Emperor (Origins)
Origins Magnus
Category Quest
Contains Produce
Gathering # 490
Element Physical - Physical
Found Examine (Emperor's Residence)
Talk (Maid in Greater Mintaka after bombing; once)
Sale Price Can't Sell
Ages From None
Ages Into Rotten Food (90 minutes)
Effect Max HP +5% (all)
Blocks Pac-Man No
Quest Use Save the bomb victims and Pac-Man
Mix Use None
Upgrade Use None

Fruit Fit for an Emperor is a Magnus in Baten Kaitos Origins.


A luxurious sampling of exotic fruits from around the world. Too costly for most, its taste and price are fit for... Well, you get it. A favorite for everyone. "Oh, wow, Guillo, this is so sweet!"

Uses and LocationsEdit

Fruit Fit for an Emperor is found very early in the game at Emperor Olgan's residence and their essence can be taken from a fruit bowl in the room where the Mintakan mechanic is first encountered. They prove very useful to hold on to as they greatly increase the maximum HP of all characters but will spoil after a set amount of time and greatly hurt stats. They are also required in a mandatory event later on that involves humorously giving one to an injured bystander of the bomb blast in Greater Mintaka.

Origins Magnus
#489 Rotting Mountain Apple #490 Fruit Fit for an Emperor #491 Meat Fit for an Emperor
Rotting Mountain Apple (Origins)
Fruit Fit for an Emperor (Origins)
Meat Fit for an Emperor (Origins)

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