A Floating Island (sometimes referred to only as an Island) is a landmass in the World of Baten Kaitos that resides suspended in the Sky. These islands were raised into the Sky after the War of The Gods made the Earth uninhabitable as a way to preserve Humanity. The largest floating islands, the Five Great Nations, are held afloat by the End Magnus sealed within each. It's not known for sure how some of the lesser islands levitate, but convincing theories have been put forth.

Five Great NationsEdit

Sadal SuudEdit

Main article: Sadal Suud


Main article: Diadem


Main article: Anuenue


Main article: Mira


Main article: Alfard

Lesser Islands and LandmassesEdit

Church / Endmost BethelEdit

Main article: Church / Endmost Bethel


Main article: Wazn


Main article: Hassaleh


Main article: Nekkar

Greater Celestial RiverEdit

Main article: Greater Celestial River


Main article: Coliseum

Artificial LandmassesEdit

Cor HydraeEdit

Main article: Cor Hydrae


Main article: Tarazed

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