Deck Title: Shine On

Amount of Cards: 40

Members: All

Weapons/Armor (5):

2 Cross Pendant

Vajra the Indestructable

Deluge the Seabane

Leviatinn the Flame King

Attack Cards (20):

6 Weak Attack

6 Medium Attack

6 Strong Attack

Pegasus Jump (1+)

Rabbit Dash (2+)

Specials (11):

SAGI: Scension --> Ascension --> Triscension -->The Godling's Rapture

MILLY: SevenStar Dust --> Rising Conger --> Open Your Eyes

GUILLO: Ghost Arrow --> Spiritlight Quiver --> Fellstar Gleam --> Aphelion Dustwake

Items (4):

Imperial Ward

Fate's Cordial


Book of Mana


* The goal of this deck is to win by using a triple relay combo with an MP Burst. Cross Pendants are used on Guillo to ensure that he is alive to use Book of Mana on the entire team. This combo makes it very difficult, if not impossible, for the toughest bosses to eliminate the team.

* As for equips, in a deck such as this which runs very quickly, I saw no need for any more than 3 (one for each member) offensive equips. Warrior's Scarf is recommended also if you can find room.

* 40 cards is the perfect amount. Less results in a smaller hand to work with. More results in you not drawing your best cards earlier enough.

* All members should be used. While you may get some bad hands with all 3 members, you need triple relay combos to defeat bosses quickly.

* While earlier in the game, I found myself using numerous Fate's Cordials, I found that later in the game, your deck plays much faster, so you can draw it faster. So only 1 is needed ; even for difficult bosses.

* Specials vary. It depends on the fight. I would use more multiple-target specials for fights with numerous enemies, and less for one-enemy fights. Also, specials should be changed for enemies with elemental weaknesses. But overall, I found that 11 specials with one of each level for all three classes is best.

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