A large mass of land as far as the eye can see.


The Earth as it appears during the Age of the Gods

The LegendEdit

Wazn Witch: "A long..… long time ago it was…. before people began to dwell in the sky, a terrible war was waged between us humans and the wicked God. After the horrendous battle our ancestors entombed the wicked god, and left the polluted and barren earth to find a future in the Sky."
—A Wazn Witch telling of how humans came to inhabit the Sky

Additional InfoEdit

Earth new

Kalas and co flying over the newly purified Earth after the defeat of Malpercio.

In the Baten Kaitos series most believe it to simply be a legend as they live in a world with floating continents and small bodies of land, the largest of which are the Five Great Nations. In modern times the only known residents are the Children of the Earth who remained on the earth to cleanse it of it’s pollutants after the war of the gods.


Duhr- Home of the Children of the Earth.

Age of the Gods- Home of the the ancient Gods.

Other Areas:Edit

Ocean- Great body of water.