Diadem, as it appears in Baten Kaitos Origins

Diadem, The Land of Clouds

One of the Five Great Nations known for its courageous knights and proud leader as well as its pink clouds.




Sheliak, the Castle Town- Capital of Diadem.

Nashira, the Fishing Village- The fishing village, source of lively hood for the nation, full of fishermen and woman.

Shrine of the Winds / The Cloudvents- Full of wind and monsters and home to Diadem's End Magnus.

Cloud Passage- Path linking Nashira to Sheliak.

Lesser Celestial River- River which provides most of the fish for life in Diadem.


One of the notable things about Diadem is it's citizen's superstitious nature and dislike towards foreigners, particularly those from Alfard. These most likely tie in together, as a few of Diadem's strange superstitions involve people from the other lands, such as allowing someone from outside Diadem on a fisherman’s boat heralding a bad catch. What is interesting about these superstitions though, most having their origins in the village of Nashira, is that they seem to be for good reason, as both times someone has gone against them it has been immediately followed by the country's near invasion.


Diadem is led by King Ladekahn.

Notable ResidentsEdit






King Ladekahn


-The name Diadem is derived from the star Alpha Comae Berenices, a star located in the constellation of Coma Berenices, which has the traditional name "Diadem". It also is a kind of crown.

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