Dense Medical Tome
Dense Medical Tome (Origins)
Origins Magnus
Category Quest
Contains Armamentaria / Book
Gathering # 516
Element Physical - Physical
Found Examine (Sheliak: once)
Mix (Empty Book + Medic Kit)
Sale Price Can't Sell
Ages From None
Ages Into Read-to-Death Book (5 minutes)
Effect All status resistance +20
Blocks Pac-Man No
Quest Use Pac-Man
Mix Use None
Upgrade Use None

Dense Medical Tome is a Magnus in Baten Kaitos Origins.


Though its contents are highly enlightening, every other word is about twenty letters long, leading most readers to give up a page or two in. Substantially boosts allies' resistance to all status ailments.

Origins Magnus
#515 Naughty Novel #516 Dense Medical Tome #517 Read-to-Death Book
Naughty Novel (Origins)
Dense Medical Tome (Origins)
Read-to-Death Book (Origins)

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