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Dark/Darkness illustration from BkO

Dark/Darkness is the type of magic used by many characters in the Baten Kaitos series but it's most proficient users are Guillo and Lyude .


The element of Dark/Darkness is strong against Light. If an opponent is aligned to Light then this element will give them pain big time.

Dark/Darkness TechsEdit


Whirlwind Hit - Dark-based finisher. Found in the Mystical Garden. It is a strong finishing attack, but Gibari's other dark attack is obviously better. Still, it can be useful at times.

Nemesis Fall - Dark-based finisher. Found after defeating Brokolis. It is better than Gibari's previous dark finisher, but not too useful through the rest of the game.


Sforzando - Dark-based finisher. Found in the Ancient Library of Magic. It is another powerful finisher and a pretty cool one to boot. Definitely useful throughout the rest of the game.

Diminuendo - Dark-based finisher. Found in the Outer Dimension, when fighting the eight wave of enemies. Although it is not as cool-looking as Sforzando, it is a lot more powerful. Keep both in your deck at all times.

Crescendo - Dark-based finisher. Found after defeating Galatea. It's a good finishing attack overall. Find some room in your deck and leave it there, or just replace it with weaker finishers.


Shadow Wings - Dark-based finisher. Found in the Lord's Mansion (make sure to pick it up on your first trip there). Pretty useful finisher that should be used for a while.


Dark Embrace - Dark-based finisher. Obtained from the boss fight in Nekton.


Shadow Gate - Dark based finisher. Obtained upon defeat of Geldoblame.

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