Dark Serviceman
Dark Serviceman (Origins)
Origins Enemy
Field Guide #005
Type Human
Habitat Emperor's Residence
Drops Low Potion
Experience 40
TP 25
Gold 26
In Battle
Speed C
Offense E
Skill Gashprin Salve
Mostly a balm for treating wounds, though it also happens to work on those itchy bug bites. (HP restorative)
Elemental Defense
Physical E Fire E Ice E
Lightning E Light E Darkness E
Status Resistance
Sleep 25%
Posion 25%

Dark Serviceman is an enemy fought in Baten Kaitos Origins.

Field Guide DescriptionEdit

A somewhat experienced Dark Service member. Beware their advanced bayonet-handling skills. That sounds impressive, but between training new members, brown-nosing the boss and ordering supplies, they basically work round the clock.
Uses: Fire
Weak: None


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