Dark Service HQ

Dark service headquarters from BKO

Role In BKOEdit

Headquarters for Baelheit's personal army known as The Dark Service, this is the starting point of the adventure of Baten Kaitos Origins where the player first meets Sagi and eventually Guillo. Many battles are fought here early on which serves as an introduction of things to come.

Later in the game the Paramachina go rogue and it is left to Sagi and friends to stop them. It is heavily hinted but never expressly stated that Emperor Geldoblame had something to with it. Savyna after she is traumatized by witnessing her fathers death returns here and is saved by Guillo. She is found when the game ends by soldiers of the empire and Geldoblame eventually recruits her into Mad Wolf Unit.
Dark Service HQ Sagi

Sleeping area, where Origins' story begins.

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