Cujam is an India themed spiritual town where people have such strong hearts that their Wings of the Heart can be used to fly always. It is Wiseman's stronghold and capitol after gaining power and ruling over the lands as its powerful king. Due to Wiseman's presence and powers to control almost anyone's heart, the inhabitants adopted an outright cult-like religion that worshiped him and his promise of Pro-magnation although a few were shown to have not fallen for his lies of power, yet they were too afraid to say anything about it.


It is shown in Marno's flashbacks that he and his sibling go to Cujam after Naos, in an attempt to defeat Wiseman. However, they were no match against him and had to go back to Naos, but they see that their village was massacred. After forming the pact with the Dark Brethren, they go back to Cujam to kill Wiseman, but they see that the town is deserted, so they go to the Battlefields of Atria, where they meet their end. Shortly afterwards Wiseman himself is killed after greedily devouring the hearts of those that were slain in the battle, leaving Cujam virtually empty of its once numerous inhabitants.

Later, after the War of the Gods, when the continents rise into the sky, Cujam becomes Sheratan in Hassaleh. One can travel between Sheratan and Cujam using the Brierclock as a trigger for releasing Marno's memories.



Magnus Picture Price Magnus Picture Price Magnus Picture Price
Black Beans Black Beans (Origins) 200 Medium Attack Medium Attack (Origins) 200 Strong Attack Strong Attack (Origins) 200
Weak Attack Weak Attack (Origins) 200 Dark Element Dark Element (Origins) 300 Fire Element Fire Element (Origins) 300
Ice Element Ice Element (Origins) 300 Light Element Light Element (Origins) 300 Lightning Club Lightning Club (Origins) 300
Thunder Element Thunder Element (Origins) 300 Hell-Purged Casque Hell-Purged Casque (Origins) 800 Skull Mask Skull Mask (Origins) 800
Herb Powder Herb Powder (Origins) 1000 Mars Sophia Mars Sophia (Origins) 1000 Medium Attack B Medium Attack B (Origins) 1000
Robe of Firelight Robe of Firelight (Origins) 1000 Strong Attack B Strong Attack B (Origins) 1000 Weak Attack B Weak Attack B (Origins) 1000
Breath Jacket Breath Jacket (Origins) 1100 Ray of Truth Ray of Truth (Origins) 1500 Sword of Thirst Sword of Thirst (Origins) 1800
Frozen Suit Frozen Suit (Origins) 2000 Light Sophia Light Sophia (Origins) 2000

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