Class is gameplay component in Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean that determines certain abilities of characters in battle.

There are six Class levels; Kalas and Xelha both begin as Class 1, Gibari begins as Class 2, while Lyude, Savyna and Mizuti all begin as Class 3. A character's Class is raised (called a Class Up) by presenting a corresponding Class-Up Magnus to the Priest in the Church and Praying. Since a character's Class Up is tied to a specific Magnus, Class levels can be skipped.

The abilities effected by Class level are the maximum size of Deck, size of Hand, maximum length of Combo, length of I.T. (Initial time), and ATK of Spirit Attacks.

Class LevelsEdit

Class level Deck size Hand size Combo length I.T. Spirit Attack ATK
1 20 3 2 70 (Element 50)
2 25 4 3 140 (Element 100)
3 30 5 4 30 sec. 210 (Element 150)
4 40 6 5 10 sec. 280 (Element 200)
5 50 7 6 7 sec. 350 (Element 250)
6 60 7 9 5 sec. 420 (Element 300)

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