Cicada Golem
Cicada Golem (Origins)
Origins Enemy
Field Guide #095
Type Machina / Monster
Habitat Tarazed's Core
Drops Cross Pendant
Experience 1300
TP 225
Gold 600
In Battle
HP E: 1680
Speed D
Offense B
Skill Beam Barrage
A multi-target light-based special attack. Annihilates targets with a crazed salvo of laser beams.
White Breath
An ice-based special attack causing sleep. This icy breath plagues foes with the slumber of those lost in a blizzard.
Elemental Defense
Physical D Fire D Ice D
Lightning D Light C Darkness D
Status Resistance
Sleep 67%
Posion 67%

Cicada Golem is an enemy fought in Baten Kaitos Origins.

Field Guide DescriptionEdit

An insect subject of Promachination made a weapon. The devastating beams it fires from its eyes cuts merciless swaths through all around it. Its delicate wings seem to be formed by the pale face that sometimes appears. Chirps distinctively.
Uses: Ice, Light, Sleep
Weak: Darkness

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