Church - Endmost Bethel Island

The island.


The grand cathedral.

The Church (as it's known in Eternal Wings), or Endmost Bethel (as it's known in Origins), is an island and place of worship which is mysteriously linked to locations around the world of Baten Kaitos through Blue Save Flowers. The Church is located in the same location in the Sky as Mira, but only seen when Mira resides in another dimension, implying that the Church alternates dimensions as well.

The island contains a cathedral and other connected structures (possibly a rectory), some of which are built into the island itself. The cathedral building is adorned with elaborate detailing as well as a Star Map on the ceiling. It acts as a place of prayer and reflection under the supervision of the Priest. It's unknown if the Church and its priests have any relation to the Monastery of the Skies and its nuns.

In Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean, the player can exchange Exp to raise characters' Level as well as Class Up Magnus to raise characters' Class, while in Baten Kaitos Origins players can visit to exchange TP to raise characters' Class or G for ability enhancing Aura. It is also the site of the major Star Map sidequest in the former.