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The name given to the trio of Giacomo, Ayme and Folon. It is in reference to the battle theme used "Chaotic Dance".

The trio are fought three times in game and the battles are known as the most difficult in Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean.

Battle StrategyEdit

Basic InformationEdit

The empires top soldiers and a dangerous trio of terror


Giacomo - HP:3800 Weak:Water (+50%) Light (+30%) Strong: Fire (-50%) Dark (-30%)

Ayme - HP:2400 Weak:Time (+50%) Light, Fire (+30%) Strong: Wind (-50%) Dark, Water (-30%)

Folon - HP:2700 Weak:Light (+50%) Water, Wind (+30%) Strong: Dark (-50%) Fire, Time (-30%)

Boss FightEdit

Recommended Team: Kalas, Mizuti and Lyude

Recommended Level: 25+ Other notes: Bes sure to have a good deal of healing/reviving items

Phase I:

Giacomo has the most health of the trio, and he attacks twice, though it’s best to leave him for last for various reasons. Target Ayme or Folon first instead. Ayme has the lowest HP, and is fairly weak, but Folon has only three hundred more HP and is much stronger, with attack exceeding Giacomo's, therefore, taking Folon down first is suggested. Folon has access to Energy Injection, which not only boosts his attack, but let's him attack twice per turn. Folon's finishers are Chaotic Flames, which deals fire damage and burns, and Worg Laser, which deals dark and chrono damage. Folon is weak to water, wind and light damage.

Phase II:

With Folon down, Ayme should be targeted next. Ayme herself is not exceptionally strong. She has access to fairly long combos, but these combos have limited strength. It is recommended to not use more guarding items than necessary, since Giacomo will be doing mare damage that Ayme during this phase. Ayme's main finisher is Crazy Rabbit, though she has another that she will only use if Giacomo has taken a certain amount of damage. Ayme is weak to Water, Chrono, and Light magnus.

Phase III:

With Giacomo standing alonethe fight enters its final phase. During this phase, one should focus more on surviving than damagiong Giacomo. It is a good idea to try and fully heal and shuffle decks before Giacomo has taken enough damage to use his finishers. After losing about 50% of his health, he will use his finishers: End Slasher and Imperial Force. Both deal Dark damage, though Imperial Force is more powerful. Giacomo's regular attacks will do fire-based damage. Giacomo is weak to Light and Water magnus.


Upon defeat it will drop- Hermit's Creel (some armor for Gibari) and Rarebird Statue (raises Xelha's class to level 5).


Baten Kaitos Vs THE Chaotic Trio (part one)

Baten Kaitos Vs THE Chaotic Trio (part one)

Chaotic trio battle

Baten Kaitos Vs THE Chaotic Trio (part two)

Baten Kaitos Vs THE Chaotic Trio (part two)

Chaotic Trio battle II