Castle Elnath front
Castle Elnath is a large structure covered in flowing pink clouds which is home to King Ladekahn, and also serves as the hub of the capital of Diadem. The castle plays host not only to Diadem's royalty, but also the royal army. Because of its importance to the people of Diadem, the Shrine of the Winds / Cloudvents can only be accessed through a passage in the throneroom of the castle. The castle is located at the top of the island and is accessed through Sheliak.

Historically Castle Elnath plays an important part in the battle against the Empire, when the forces of Alfard storm the castle in an attempt to gain access to Diadem's End Magnus, and to put an end to King Ladehahn.


Linguistically, Elnath comes directly from Arabic "AnNath," "The Butting One." In astronomy, Elnath is the northern star of the constellation Taurus (the star that forms the tip of its horn is AnNath, or Al Nath), and is located in an area of the Milky Way (3 degrees to the West of the anti-center of the Galaxy to be precise) where reside dark clouds of interstellar gas, which can explain why castle Elnath is covered by so many clouds. AnNath is an epithet applied to the stars that form 'horns' on several constellations, including Taurus and Aries.

  • Images of Castle Elnath in Origins
  • Castle Elnath burning during Alfard's invasion
  • The docking point of Castle Elnath
  • The throne room in Eternal Wings

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