Caracal (Origins)
Origins Enemy
Field Guide #102
Type Monster
Habitat Albali Sandhollow
Drops Doesn't drop any items.
Experience 30
TP 20
Gold 24
In Battle
HP E: 100
Speed D
Offense E
Skill No unique skills.
Elemental Defense
Physical E Fire E Ice E
Lightning E Light E Darkness E
Status Resistance
Sleep 19%
Posion 19%

Caracal is an enemy fought in Baten Kaitos Origins.

Field Guide DescriptionEdit

A species of feline with enormous horns. Called the hunters of the Sandhollow for the way they bound about the area with spring-like bodies. Touch these cute cats and you'll feel their claws. Their paw pads are an enviably pretty pink.
Uses: Physical
Weak: Fire, Ice

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