Proud WifeEdit

Lyuvann’s wife and mother of Vallye and Skeed. She appears very jealous, often asking if her husband is off with some younger woman. Despite this she loves her husband very much. She also happens to be a pureblooded Alfard resident and as such she believes herself superior to other nations and looks down on other nations citizens by extension. She also is a bit of a slave driver and nag, as her maid is often annoyed at her and its suggested her husband stays away because of her constant nagging. She drives into her children the notion of being loyal to their country and it is she who almost entirely molds them into the man and woman they become.

Heartbreak and revengeEdit

She soon becomes sick after discovering her husband is having an affair with Almarde of the Azani, she takes this to heart and eventually dies. Before dying however, in a cruel sense of revenge, she discloses her husbands infidelity to her children ensuring Lyude will never be accepted even after she is gone.