Quzman's grandson, son of Qasim and Surayj. He's 27 years old. Born Battu-Batturum, he is a lover of freedom and solitude and a master of the harmonica. He can be found in the Labyrinth of Duhr, where he signs the Family Tree right away, but will stay there until the heroes can find a way out so he can help then if nescessary. He hadn't seen his parents for many years, as he left his home at a very young age. When they are reunited, he can't remember the names of his parents (saying that Surayj is the name of his father and Qasim is his mother). He is one of the few who doesn't participate of the dance after Quzman's death.

He also has a brief appearance in Baten Kaitos Origins. Being only 7 years old, he already expresses his wish of travelling the world.

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