Armored Cancerite
Armored Cancerite (Origins)
Origins Enemy
Field Guide #028
Type Monster
Habitat Lesser Celestial River
Cloud Passage
Drops Kappa Helmet
Experience 230
TP 80
Gold 128
In Battle
Speed D
Offense D
Skill No unique skills.
Elemental Defense
Physical E Fire E Ice E
Lightning E Light E Darkness E
Status Resistance
Sleep 51%
Posion 22%

Armored Cancerite is an enemy fought in Baten Kaitos Origins.

Field Guide DescriptionEdit

A Cancerite who loves to dress up prettily. It seems to enjoy wearing seashells and Vodnik claws as ornaments. One might initially hesitate before the defenses they create, but shells are only shells. Break them and it's naked again.
Uses: Ice
Weak: Fire

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