Kaffaljidhma complete animal room
Animal Collecting is a major sidequest in Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean. The quest begins when a woman in Kaffaljidhma requests that Kalas and company collect animals from all over the world for her to take care of. This forms part of an ongoing side quest that sees the party acquiring animals as key items, from a variety of locations and bringing them back for a reward.


Listed in alphabetical order below are the animals and where they can be found:

  • Caplin (black): In the Celestial Alps, this creature has wandered off from the rest of the pack, to the left of the cabin.
  • Fluffpup: In order to protect this critter, a couple in Mintaka gift it to Xelha/Kalas.
  • Pollywhale: In Balancoire, this creature has found a home in the waters of the town.
  • Pow: A man gifts this to Kalas, after he has received a Prancer in the stables of Cebalrai.
  • Prancer: This creature can be obtained in a stable in Cebalrai. (You MUST collect this first to obtain a Pow.)
  • Waterlark: These creatures float around the waterfall in Opu. Kalas can collect one from above Mayfee's house near the waterwheel.


Magus are rewarded when all animals are delivered.

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